Snooping Around

I love seeing people’s homes.  I am guilty of trying to catch a glimpse into a home when driving or walking by.  I get inspiration from seeing how others put their homes together.  I guess I am a bit nosy!

When I visit someone’s home, I don’t notice the dishes in the sink (hey, I have plenty of those to look at in my own sink, thank you very much), the crumbs on the floor, or the fingerprints on the windows.  I see the mix of color and patterns.  I adore lovely family photos on the wall (who cares if they are a bit crooked?) and the kid’s artwork on the fridge.  I love seeing things that are homemade.   A home reflects the family that dwells there and what is important to them.

Recently I went back to Ohio (we moved from Ohio to California 2 years ago) to visit family and friends.  While there, I asked my friend Caity, who loves decorating like I do, if I could snoop around her house and snap some photos.  I met Caity when she was dating Caleb (now her husband) as a high school student in the youth group my husband and I helped to lead… so that makes me a bit older (ahem) than Caity.  Later as a college student, she helped me paint all my kitchen cabinets black—it took 2 very long, full days (I will spare Caity, and myself, by not posting the pic we took of ourselves while painting).  I owe her big time!  When Caleb and Caity got married, our son Cole was the ring bearer!

I asked Caity to describe what making a home means to her.  Her response:

“To me, making a house a home is very important. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned while evolving our first house into our first home is not to take yourself too seriously–if you mess up the first time, keep trying until you get your space the way you want it. Paint is a cheap makeover! Also, I’ve learned how much happier I am in my home when I decorate for myself. I try to put meaning into all of my decorating decisions. I made a lot of the things hanging on my walls myself, even though I pretty much have zero artistic talent! I like decorating to tell a story–a lot of what’s in our home tells our story, and it makes me smile. One of my favorite bloggers said that you should walk into your house and feel like it’s giving you a big hug. When you’re true to your style and interests, your house will show it. It will truly feel like home.”

Caity has made their first house into a warm and cozy place…it definitely feels like a big hug when you walk in!   Her house is lovely, not because it is perfect (although she is a self-proclaimed neat freak), but because of all the personal touches she has made.  My favorite spot is in her hallway.  She has taken what would normally be a place to walk right by, and made it into a creative expression of the life she shares with her husband.  She has an engagement photo, a vintage ad for a home similar to theirs, and even their first piece of mail they got in their new home!  She proves you don’t have to spend much (or anything—free piece of mail, people!) to give your home interest.

I also fell in love with this sign she made below.  Super simple, but again adds personality to a space.  (And she says she has no artistic talent!)

I adore these pillowcases found in their Master Bedroom!  Too sweet!  (Sadly, they are no longer available)

Her Family Room fireplace has painted white brick (swoon!) and was simply decorated with an empty frame, a grapevine wreath and some vintage books.

In describing her decorating style Caity shared:

“I would say that my decorating style is a mix of old and new. I love antiques, but I also have a few pieces that are a little more modern. I try to layer old and new together to get a really welcoming, warm space. Some of my favorite items are antiques, because they all have their own story! Put them together and you get a lot of cool history. But I think a space should have a few clean lines. For example, my family room is a pretty big space, so we have a modern sectional that provides a lot of seating. It has straight lines. But when you add my antique writing desk, my antique children’s school desk, and bunches of old books, you get a more “lived in” feeling. Layer all of that with some pieces that are special to my husband and me, and it results in a space that we are totally comfortable in!”

I share Caity’s love for antiques and vintage items.  After taking some pics of her home, we decided to head to the thrift store (I desperately miss the thrift stores in Ohio!).



Can I say how hard it is shopping at a thrift store when you have very limited luggage space?  I loved this vintage school desk—the green color was to die for…and only $12!  How cute is that yellow typewriter—did you spot it earlier on her desk?  Caity snagged it for $6. She also found an amazing antique kitchen scale.


It was so fun to hang out with Caity.  I am thankful that God brought our lives together and that even though we hardly see each other she is still a dear friend.  It is such a blessing to see the home that Caleb and Caity have made together.  Thanks for still wanting to hang out with me and sharing your home, Caity!

So, spill the beans, do you love seeing how others decorate their home?  What makes a home warm and inviting to you?
I would love to hear your thoughts!



  1. I love the hallway stuff!

  2. Great post Deb! I never put a lot of thought into decorating my home until the last few years. With my kids getting older it has been so neat to help them mark up our lives and our walls with their love and creativity. And anytime you want to come over and help me decorate…please do NOT hestitate!

  3. Hi Deb! I love the pics! It’s funny…when I was growing up, my mom would drag my sister and I to all the thrift stores for some “finds”, and I always dreaded it. Now, that’s totally the thing to do! And fortunately, thanks to my mom, I have lots of experience sifting through the junk to find the gems. I was just hankering for an old picture frame yesterday…I guess it’s time to find a thrift store. =)

    • I was raised going to garage sales and remember sitting in the car totally bored while my mom shopped. Later I realized the thrill of the hunt…plus the money you can save. Let’ go thrifting together soon!

  4. Hi Deborah! I so enjoyed reading about your visit with Caity. God has blessed the both of you with creativity.

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