Q & A with Molly

Where do you live, and is it where you are from originally?

Ladera Ranch (South Orange County, California) – I grew up just 15 minutes west of here.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and/or your family.

I left my elementary school teaching career when my son was born to be a stay-at-home mom. I am now blessed with two precious kiddos (4 and 6) and run a home business in my spare (is that what you call it?) time. I got married in 2001 to my amazing husband, Kevin. He works harder than anyone I know in order to support our family, so I am thankful for the opportunity to use my gifts to help bring in a little extra income. What a blessing, as well, to be able to minister to and encourage others to fill their hearts with God’s Word!

When and why did you start your business?

Throne of Grace began in May of 2008 originally under the name “How to Pray Cards”. It was not intended to be a business at all. My second baby had been born in late 2007 and I had always tried to use middle-of-the-night feedings with my babies as time to pray over them. Since I always struggled to stay awake, or found myself praying the same thing over and over, I got the idea that I should write down my prayers on little index cards to help me stay focused. I also thought it would be nice to pass the cards on to my kids someday so they could see what I had been praying for them since before they were born. The whole project was at the bottom of my to-do list and I was finally driven to make the prayer cards when I was helping throw a baby shower for a good friend who was having her first baby. I decided it would make a unique baby shower gift. The shower happened to fall the weekend before Mother’s Day and I got the idea to give them to my sister and sister-in-law and to make “How to Pray for Your Grandkids” for my kids’ grandmas. It all started with 6 sets – all handmade with scrapbooking paper, fancy scissors, glue and laminated in big sheets at Staples. From there, I started getting requests for more and custom requests for “How to Pray for Your Husband”, bible verse memory cards for new moms, etc. All my best ideas have come from my customers and the business has now grown to include many more titles and other products such as our prayer journals!

What is your favorite part about running your business?

The best part is seeing people get excited about God’s Word and about prayer. I’ve been blown away by the response of people – even unbelievers! – to what amounts to little laminated pieces of paper! I love when people share their stories with me of how they are using their cards, or how they have been able to witness or encourage others with the gift of prayer. It just reminds me how powerful and precious God’s Word really is!

What is your favorite item that you sell?

I think it changes all the time – especially as my family grows and as I go through different seasons of life I find myself relying on different sets to motivate and direct my prayers. “How to Pray for Your Children” is special because that is where it all started. Right now my favorite is “God’s Word for a Child’s Heart” because my kiddos are really excited about their personalized sets and even at their tender ages are hiding God’s Word in their hearts and asking questions and making connections to scripture. I love it! I also love “How to Pray in Challenging” times because I’ve been able to use those as a witnessing tool. Just about everybody these days is going through one type of challenge or another and I’ve found that people are a lot more open to the Bible and prayer when they are desperate!

What is your biggest dream for your business?

My biggest dream is that this business stays the Lord’s business and not Molly’s. I want to see where He will take it and not get in the way of that – either with my pride (that wants to see my name in lights) or with my fears (which hold me back from saying “Yes” to opportunities He is giving me). It would be wonderful to get to a point where I can produce them much faster and be able to keep up with a growing business. I would also love to see them translated into other languages and made available to people in countries who don’t have all the wonderful Bible resources we have in America.

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