Prayer & Praise Monday – September 9, 2013


Happy Monday, Prayer Warriors!

I’m getting this one in just under the wire! It’s almost Tuesday! 🙂

We have entered the “busy season” for Throne of Grace and for the Garibaldi family personally. The start of school, the start of a new ministry year with church and Bible study commitments, the start of boutique season…and a few family birthdays, house guests, and trips thrown in for good measure. Oh, yeah…and then there are the holidays looming close! (And judging by the aisles at the grocery store and department stores, they are coming faster every year!)

I kind of dread Fall, yet eagerly anticipate some of my favorite events of the year at the same time! The challenge lies in looking ahead enough to plan and prepare but yet not missing the joy of the moment because I’m overwhelmed by tomorrow…or next month!

So here’s my first prayer request – for myself and for all who find themselves easily consumed by the busy Fall season:

• Please pray that we will look to the Lord to number our days aright and seek His wisdom and blessing over our calendars and commitments. (Psalm 90:12) It is easy this time of year to bite off more than we can chew or try to “power through” on our own strength rather than depending on the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, and accomplish the work the Lord has prepared in advance for us to do. (Ephesians 2:10) Pray that we will allow Him to direct our steps day-by-day. (Proverbs 16:9) Lysa TerKeurst, of Proverbs 31 Ministries, often talks about the Lord being our daily portion. He gave the Israelites wandering in the desert enough manna for each day and did not allow them to collect any beyond the day’s portion. (see Exodus 16) He wanted them to live in dependence upon their Heavenly Father for their daily bread.

“Give us this day, our DAILY bread…”
(Luke 11:3)

He wants us to do the same!

A few more prayers and praises for this week:

• Please pray for our brother and sister in Christ, Melissa and Gus, and their two young boys. These dear friends are long-term missionaries in Leon, Spain. Melissa and Gus have been home on furlough in California for the past few months and will begin the return trip to Spain this Wednesday. You remember those cute canvas tags Deb made last month? Those were for Melissa! We are grateful for the time we shared with them this summer and have been so encouraged by the ways that God is equipping them and using them to reach the very unreached people of Spain. Pray for safe travels and a smooth transition back into ministry life. Pray for Melissa and Gus to see God’s hand of provision for every need!

• Let’s continue to pray for Karen as she serves for two more weeks in Tanzania. Karen is serving alongside her brother and sister-in-law and partnering with Hope of the Nations. You can read more about Karen’s mission trip on last week’s Prayer & Praise post HERE.

• Last but not least, I would love to have our prayer warriors join the Throne of Grace team in praying for those suffering through the pain of infertility. It has been heavy on my heart lately as we have sold 10 sets of prayer cards just in the past month in our line of products related to infertility and adoption! Those 10 sets sold represent 9 different customers reaching out to receive some encouragement and blessing from God’s Word. Let’s lift those hurting couples up to the Lord this week. Pray with me that their purchases will indeed be a source of blessing and hope and that they would be drawn closer to Christ as the source of all comfort. Pray that in the Lord’s will and perfect timing, He will open the wombs of these women for their good and for His glory!

Thanks, as always, for joining us before the Throne of Grace! It is wonderful to be able to offer this ministry of prayer and to know that we have faithful prayer warriors around the nation – and the world! – interceding with us.

May the Lord be your daily portion this week!

Blessings in Christ,molly

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