Prayer & Praise Monday – October 15, 2012

Thanks for joining us today at the Throne of Grace. I spent some time this weekend in fellowship with some other believers who had just attended a Beth Moore conference. They were on fire with a passion for prayer and I was again reminded (and convicted!) of the call to pray boldly and to pray specifically. When our prayers are broad in scope, it is hard to see God’s specific answers – and it is also easy to attribute His answers to a host of others sources, instead of seeing His provisions coming directly from His hand. Be sure to come back for Throne of Grace Thursday this week when we will be digging deeper into this very topic!


In the meantime, we would be so blessed to have you join us in praying BOLDLY and SPECIFICALLY for the following:


• Please continue praying for Jacob. He has finished his second round of chemo for Hodgkin’s disease and is going in today at noon (pst) for a PET scan and CT scan. The results of these scans will analyze how he is reacting to the chemo and how many more rounds he will have to undergo. Pray that his tumors would be GONE! Pray that Jacob and his family would feel the unexplainable peace of God as they await the test results.


• Praise God that Tami’s father-in-law, Tommy, is experiencing good healing from his leg amputation last month. Pray for healing for Tami’s dad who had shoulder surgery on his rotator cuff. Let’s also ask the Lord to give Tami and her husband, Kyle, wisdom in how to best help care for their parents.


• Pray for Throne of Grace customer, Karen, who will be speaking at a neighboring church’s women’s retreat this coming weekend on the subject of intimate prayer time with God. Karen will be speaking for 4 different sessions over the course of the weekend. Karen says, “I would love your prayers on my behalf as this is a first for me but mainly that God will invade these women’s hearts with a deep desire to have a continual prayer relationship with Him.”


• Deb is asking for continued prayer for her mother-in-law, Anh, who suffered a concussion several weeks ago and is still struggling. She was supposed to be coming to California for a visit soon but has had to postpone the trip. Pray for complete healing!


•Lots of health issues today! Please pray for me (Molly) as I have an on-going eye allergy issue. At times it is pretty crippling to my daily life as a wife, mom, and head of this ministry. There are a number of allergens that trigger a reaction (cats, dogs, pollen, dust, etc.) but sometimes I get an attack and can’t trace it to a specific source. Today is one of those cases! This is probably the worst it has ever been. Please pray for wisdom to know how to resolve this issue. No doctor has been able to offer complete relief. Pray that I would depend on the Lord to be my strength when my eyesight is weak and pray that this issue would not become a foothold of Satan to prevent me from completing the work God has for Throne of Grace this week – our first boutique of the fall is in 3 days!!


And…a few more specific prayer needs for Throne of Grace…


• As I mentioned, our first Fall Boutique is on Thursday – and the boutiques come fast and furiously for the next few weeks! Please pray that God would draw people to our booth who need the Truth of God’s Word! Pray for soft hearts to receive His Word and be encouraged. Pray that we would keep Christ at the center of all that we do in preparing and presenting our products to the public. Pray that His Name would be glorified above all other names!


• We are quickly selling out of our Legacy Prayer Journals for 2012! We need to start production of our 2013 line – possibly sooner than we had originally planned. However, we are hung up waiting for one of the key components that go into our production of the journals to go on sale at a more affordable price. It may seem silly, but God is in the details! We’d love you to pray with us that God would provide our needed materials at a fabulous price!


Thanks for praying with us! If you have any prayer needs or praises you would like to share for next week’s post, please email us at:


by noon (pst) on Friday.


By His Grace and for His Glory,

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