Prayer & Praise Monday – November 5, 2012

It’s November, Prayer Warriors! Hard to believe – especially with temperatures in the 90’s today in southern California! (This is getting ridiculous!) Despite the weather, November is indeed here and I am excited! What a wonderful season for taking extra time to recognize our many, many blessings and reflect on God’s provisions throughout the year. We have so much to praise the Lord for, even in the midst of very challenging times.



The devastation that has affected 22 of the 50 United States in the path of Hurricane Sandy is beyond comprehension. Our hearts have been heavy as we try to wrap our human minds around it. We feel helpless living thousands of miles away! But we take comfort in knowing that none of the death or destruction was a surprise to our God and He is Sovereign over all of it. He knows how this tragedy will affect our already failing economy. He knows how it will impact our presidential election tomorrow. He knows each and every person who has been touched by the devastation by NAME – and He knows their every need! Let’s go before the Throne of Grace and take our prayers and praises to the Lord together…


• Please pray for the hurting people in Hurricane Sandy’s path. Pray for those who have lost loved ones. Pray for those who have lost homes, cars, and other earthly possessions. Pray for those who are wounded physically and emotionally. Pray for those who are struggling spiritually and need the hope and peace that only Jesus can give. Please join us in praying specifically for a sweet customer we met at the Believe Boutique in Arizona this weekend. Her name is Maureen and her parents, Bill and JoAnne, are in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. They are living without electricity, heat, and many of the basic necessities of life – sharing a small space with relatives.


• Pray also for those in positions of ministry on the east coast – doctors, nurses, rescue workers, clean-up crew, counselors, pastors, etc. So many hurts and not enough people to bandage all the wounds! Pray God would put believers in those positions and give them boldness to share the encouragement of God’s Word.


• Praise God for restored health for Deb’s mother-in-law, Anh. She is finally recovered from her concussion in September!


• One of our readers, Meredith, is asking for prayer for complete deliverance. Pray with us that God would free her from whatever it is that binds her. He knows all the specifics! 🙂


• Let’s be in prayer for our presidential election tomorrow! SO many decisions that will be made and a domino effect of repercussions no matter which way the voting goes. Pray that God would accomplish His will through the votes of His people. Pray for wisdom and discernment to vote in a way that honors the Lord and His principles. I know I need the prayers for this personally! It is hard to cut through all the rhetoric and know what is best.


• Thanks to all who have been praying for Throne of Grace’s trip to Arizona this past weekend for the Believe Boutique. God was indeed glorified and faithfully answered EVERY prayer! Thank the Lord with us for a safe trip, for perfect health for all three of us (Deb had no issues AT ALL!), and for many, many opportunities to minister to shoppers. It was a time of great mutual encouragement, I think! Praise God, as icing on the cake, that He also gave us great sales to more than cover the expenses for our trip!


Before I close, I want to take a second to welcome our new friends joining us from the Believe Boutique last weekend. We met such amazing people in Chandler and are excited to have many of them joining us here!


Don’t forget to send us your prayers and praises that you would like us to post next week. Deadline for submission is Friday at NOON (pst).


By His Grace and for His Glory,


  1. Oh yay!! I’m so glad your trip went well and no one was sick!!! Praise The Lord! Thanks for your post today and reminding us to pray for those a country away. Thanks, Molly.

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