Prayer & Praise Monday – January 20, 2014


Hello! Yes, it is Tuesday again and I’m just now getting this out! One of these days I’ll get back on track but I’m not promising it will be anytime soon!

My son has to memorize a Bible verse and character trait to be recited at school each week. This past week I was handed the job of listening to each of the students, one at a time, recite their verse and trait. I had to chuckle to myself because it was EXACTLY what the Lord knew I needed to hear at that moment…and he knows I’m a stubborn learner so he gave me 2o different opportunities to hear it! 🙂

I was so inspired that I decided we needed to post it up in the house over these next few weeks as we transition out of our home and into the unknown. Just in case it might speak to your heart this week…from Philippians 4:19 (NIV):


What needs are you faced with today? Are you tempted, like me, to doubt that the LORD wants to bless you, or even that He is able?? Say, “No!” to that temptation with me today and instead put on the character trait of TRUST, so perfectly modeled by our Savior.


Isn’t that all we need?

Now, on to our prayer requests and praises for the week:

• Big, big praises regarding Bridget and a big thank you to all who lifted her up to Jesus this past week! The MRI and various other scans showed absolutely no abnormalities, masses, or anything major to be concerned about! Praise the Lord! A subsequent meeting with her previous surgeon, however, still did not turn up any answers as to why the sudden vision loss. They will continue with patching to strengthen the weak eye and would love continued prayers that they will get some clear answers soon.

• Please continue praying for Deb and her family as they begin the journey home from China and get settled into daily life with their new little one, Quinn. Let’s ask the Lord to strengthen their bonds as a family and give Quinn all the comfort and security he needs to feel at home. We can also begin praying for his health and preparation for surgery in the coming months to correct his cleft lip and palate.

• Still no news on my move so I’d love continued prayer for our family. If you could pray that we would trust the Lord for his PEACE, PROVISION, and DIRECTION as we approach the close of escrow, we would appreciate it!

Blessings for a great week!molly


  1. Thanks for the updates, encouragement and prayer requests for this week! So happy to receive the Throne of Grace Prayer & Praise Mondays, any day of the week! 🙂

  2. Amazing, Molly, how God made sure that you heard his message of encouragement so clearly from those sweet children! How gracious and loving to want to reassure you to keep trusting Him! He is not only willing to bless you abundantly, He is able! Praying for your continued peace and for an open door in His perfect timing. Praying for sweet Bridget and for Deb and her enlarging family. May Quinn feel loved beyond measure!

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