Prayer & Praise Monday – January 13, 2014


Greetings, Prayer Warriors! My, it has been too long since I’ve met you all here!

Yes, I know it is actually Tuesday, but I’m getting this published late! The story of my life, lately… 🙂

We’ve got an urgent prayer request that I want to get right to, and then I’ll update you on a few others…

• Do you remember our adorable little Bridget?


Who could forget that precious smile? Bridget is the daughter of one of my best, best friends (Joyce). We first started praying for Bridget back in 2011 when, at the age of 1, she was diagnosed with a cataract in one eye and underwent surgery to correct it. She has since had three surgeries and though her vision seemed to be improving at one point, it has now regressed and seems to be at its lowest point ever. So sad! Despite hours and hours of patching a day, corrective glasses, and countless exams from a whole host of doctors, they are left with no answers as to why this is happening! It’s never good when your doctor says he doesn’t know and he’s never seen this before! The good news is that doctors agree that her eye is healthy, the lens is clear, and everything looks to be in place as it should be. In order to (Lord willing!) get to the bottom of this mystery and restore Bridget’s sight, her doctor is performing an MRI and some others tests as I type this. They want to see if there is something going on in the brain or with the nerves behind the eye to cloud her vision.

Please stop now and pray that the Lord will reveal clear answers through this testing and that doctors will have wisdom about how to proceed. Pray that Bridget, Joyce, and Bridget’s daddy, Jason, will have peace that surpasses all understanding as they endure this long day and the coming days as they await test results. Bridget has to be put under anesthesia for the MRI so please also pray that she will do well with that and that God would spare her from the difficulties she has had coming out of anesthesia in the past. Most of all, pray that our God and Father will be glorified through Bridget’s life as the great Physician and the great Healer!

• Now, for an exciting update from Throne of Grace’s Deb. Deb has shared with us in the past how she and her husband have struggled through infertility for many, many years now. God graciously brought their amazing son, Cole, into their lives through adoption (almost 8 years ago!) and God has been gracious to the Townsend family once again! Introducing Quinn!

 Meet Quinn

Deb and her family traveled this past week to China to welcome this adorable little guy into their family. Quinn is 10 months old and, according to Deb, very, very tiny! Quinn was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate and will be having some surgery to correct these issues once he gets settled in to life in the U.S. What a blessing that he will be given that opportunity! The Townsends will be in China for a couple more weeks as they get the adoption finalized and give Quinn a little time to bond with his forever family. Let’s pray for a quick and deep bond to form among all four of them! Pray that God will make the way smooth before them as they finish their travels and begin life as a family of FOUR! So exciting! If you’d like to read more about Deb’s precious gift, she is documenting the journey HERE.

• Bonnie Jean would like continued prayer for her family. Her mom passed away back in November after suffering with Alzheimer’s. Bonnie Jean is grateful that her mom is now free from the disease! Please pray for Bonnie Jean and her brothers as the family dynamics are affected by their loss. Bonnie Jean has never been close with her brothers and would like prayer that the Lord would use this time to heal old wounds and draw her brothers into a personal relationship with Jesus.

• Please be praying this week for our sister in Christ, Heidi. Heidi is due on January 23rd with her first baby, a girl, who doctors believe has Downs Syndrome. Praise God for Heidi and her husband who are trusting the Lord through this challenging time. As Heidi says, “We honestly have had little time to even think about her diagnosis. We feel that the Lord has given us a special ‘charge’ to speak out for children who don’t often have a voice: foster children and developmentally delayed children.” Heidi and her husband are also fostering a little boy whom they hope to adopt. Lord, bless Heidi and her husband – these special servants – and grant them all they need to do Your work of loving and leading these precious little ones!

• Finally, friends, I would love to selfishly ask you to continue holding me and my family up in prayer! We are still very much in uncertain times for the Garibaldis! 🙂 Our home of the past 9 years closes escrow in 14 days and we still have no place to go! Praise God our wonderful buyers are allowing us to rent back for another month…but the time is still short! Please pray for the Lord’s direction and wisdom to guide all our decision-making and that our eyes would be open to see the wonder of His plan! Please pray that I will be able to get the time I need to accomplish the overwhelming task of getting packed. SOOOO little progress has been made in that department! It seems I can barely keep up with the everyday tasks of life right now like laundry, dishes, grocery shopping and school responsibilities…there is just not *extra* time to move!

Have a blessed week you all! Thanks for hanging in there with me! And, please, let me know how we can be praying for YOU!

By His Grace and for His Glory,molly

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