Prayer & Praise Monday – April 8, 2013


Happy Monday, Prayer Warriors!

Thank you all for the prayers last week! We had a lot of needs and now have some great updates to share with you:

• Our friend Ree had her hip replacement surgery last Wednesday. The surgery went well and she is now home recovering. I tried to visit her over the weekend but she wasn’t quite up for visitors yet, so hopefully I will be seeing her soon! Let’s continue to lift Ree up to the Father, seeking complete healing from her surgery and a speedy adjustment to her new hip! Please pray also for Ree’s husband, Joe, as he serves her and helps nurse her back to health.

• I also have good news on little Royce. He visited the neurologist last week and there had been some concern over some movements he was doing since going off the anti-seizure medication. Erin and her husband, Danny, were worried he might be having seizures. Praise God, it turns out Royce is just growing and experimenting and doing the funny things babies do! Please continue to pray for him to be seizure-free and for his wound where the feeding tube was removed to close completely without surgery.

• Here is an update on someone we were praying for last fall. Deb’s mother-in-law, Ahn, had fallen in September and suffered a concussion. For several months she was dealing with dizzy spells and even had to cancel a planned trip from Ohio out here to California to visit with Deb’s family. Well, she recently had to cancel another planned trip to be with Deb and Ray because the dizzy spells have returned. Ahn will undergo an MRI this week to try to determine the cause of the dizziness. Please pray for clear answers and for the Lord’s peace for her and her family as they seek the Lord’s wisdom.

And a couple new requests…

• Please pray for a good friend of Throne of Grace, Dani. She and her husband are seeking the Lord’s guidance in how to best educate their son, Max. He is their firstborn and they would like to do a preschool program with him before he starts kindergarten in the fall of 2014. Please pray that the Lord would lead their steps and provide the needed finances should He lead them to the right preschool. They are also considering a homeschooling option. For those of us who have been in their shoes before, we know how weighty these decisions feel! How comforting to know that God loves Max even more than his parents and He knows what is best!

• Lastly, we would love prayer for my father-in-law, Kent and his wife, Sharon. Kent fell off a ladder in the garage and shattered his right heel! He required immediate surgery and is now facing a LONG recovery. It sounds like 12 weeks, minimum! He can bear no weight on the foot at all so he is confined to the first floor of the house and has very limited mobility using a scooter that he kneels on. There is very little he can do for himself right now and Sharon will be heading back to her job as a 2nd grade teacher today. Please pray for the Lord to use this time in Kent’s life to draw him closer and show him how he wants to make use of this time of confinement. Pray for Sharon as she balances a very demanding job and caring for both Kent and her mother (G.G.) who also needs a lot of care!

It’s a blessing to be in prayer for each of these needs together. Let’s remember Who God is, His attributes, and His faithfulness as we present our requests to Him.

“At that time I pleaded with the Lord: Sovereign Lord, you have begun to show to your servant your greatness and your strong hand. For what god is there in heaven or on earth who can do the deeds and mighty works you do?'”
(Deuteronomy 3:23-24 NIV)


By His Grace and for His Glory,molly

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