Prayer & Praise Monday – April 29, 2013


Good morning! Let’s start off with some praises!

• I received this from Erin (baby Royce’s mommy) today: “Again, a HUGE thank you to you & your team of prayer warriors! Royce’s surgery went very smoothly as did his overnight stay. He has been recovering very well. He did get a little rash on his stomach which the pediatrician diagnosed as contact dermatitis & not believed to be related to surgery. Today I noticed some redness around the surgery site but no fever. I’m waiting for the nurse to get back to me whether this is normal. If I could ask for continued prayers in his recovery! But overall, he’s doing great! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness. He answered every one of our prayers regarding the surgery, right down to the last detail!” What a great praise! Erin also added that Royce has been doing great with being off the anti-seizure medicine.

• Another praise is that Deb’s mother-in-law, Anh, is doing much better! We’ve been praying for her as she has been suffering from dizzy spells for months now! Please pray that she would continue to heal fully and be able to reschedule her visit out to California soon.

• Meredith sent an update to her prayer requests. She would like us to pray that her self-care would be restored as she continues to feel the weight of spiritual attack, along with the physical attack of Lyme disease on her body. Pray that the Lord would show Himself to her this week specifically in a MIGHTY way!

• Thank you for your prayers last week for my daughter, Lucy. We had a good visit with her ophthalmologist and feel good about his care for her. Unfortunately, six months with the glasses has not shown the improvement in her vision that we were hoping for, so patching has begun! Yarrrr! Shiver me timbers!

 Lucy with Patch

By God’s grace, Lucy has been SUPER compliant with the patches and even, strangely, excited about it! It helps that one of her very close friends (Bridget, who we’ve prayed for here on the website before) also has to patch, so Lucy is familiar with the whole process! Please pray that her willingness would continue as the newness wears off and pray that all the efforts will successfully strengthen her weak eyesight! We will go back to the doctor in two months to evaluate her progress.

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Enjoy these last few days of April! May is just around the corner…

Blessings in Christ,molly


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