Prayer & Praise Monday – April 15, 2013


Happy Tax Day! Hopefully this finds you relaxed and happy because your taxes are DONE! I’m thanking God today that years ago my husband found it a wise decision to pay a wonderful CPA to take care of our taxes for us. Every penny well-spent! 🙂

Here are the prayers and praises for the week:

• Bonnie Jean, our friend in New Jersey, has emailed to let us know that she and her contacts have now distributed about 1/2 of the Blessing Bags we sent to offer some practical and spiritual help to those living in the one of hardest hit areas of Hurricane Sandy. This particular community is a Latino neighborhood that, according to Bonnie Jean, is all but ignored by the local “help” centers. They are not ignored by their Heavenly Father! Hallelujah! If you are not familiar with our Blessings Bags, you can read more about the project HERE. Bonnie Jean has asked for continued prayer for these communities. In her words:

“Several families were struggling prior to the storm and now… with people out of work due to the economy in general… plus businesses that were destroyed and have to rebuild… and displaced people while FEMA decides what to pay for and insurance companies fighting to pay for anything at all.  Some people will be forced into bankruptcy and/or foreclosure. Please keep praying for the people of this area… despair is rampant… and change is not coming very quickly.”

Bonnie Jean would also love prayer for her health and her own family issues that have been challenging.

• Tami is asking for prayer for her in-laws, Tommy and Linda. You may remember that last fall, Tommy lost his leg through amputation as a result of some health complications. Tommy is doing well and adjusting to life without a limb. Tommy and Linda will be moving on the 27th of this month and could use prayer for a smooth transition to their new home and new community. Pray that they will see God’s faithful provisions for them!

• Praise God that Deb’s husband Ray had a safe and fruitful trip to Malawi! We got a report from the missions team at church yesterday and it was so encouraging to see the work the Lord did in the hearts of the Malawian (is that the word?) people, and in the hearts of the missions team, as well. Thanks to the Lord, also, for providing for all of Deb and Cole’s needs while Daddy was gone!

• Meredith would like continued prayer for the ability to surrender her flesh nature to the Lord and to live through Him. Let’s pray for Meredith and pray that for ourselves while we are at it! I’ll end with that…

Dear Lord Almighty, Thank you, Father, for dying as a substitution for our sin, so that we may be dead to sin and no longer slaves to our flesh. We ask you to make this Truth a reality in Meredith’s life and in all of our lives. May we know the reality of a life that is free in the Spirit. Give us eyes to see Your face each and every day and give us courage to walk in Your will. In Jesus’ precious Name, Amen.



  1. Molly, Meredith’s prayer request could be echoed throughout the church. But you hit on the key: Jesus died so that we might be dead to sin. This is already accomplished. Our pastor spoke on this subject yesterday and I wanted to share the key points he made. First of all, he is always saying, “The truest thing about you is what God says is true.” It’s not what your feelings tell you (they may be condemning you); it’s not what the world says is true (it’s probably encouraging you to choose sin); it’s what GOD says is true! And God says over and over in the New Testament that when we have received Christ, we ARE a NEW creation. It has already happened. He has exchanged the old me for a new me. My heart had been changed to desire His will. Meredith is already there in asking for the ability to surrender her flesh nature. There is no condemnation now.

    Our pastor made three observations with the following scriptures to support: Gal 2:20; Rom 6:6-11; Col 2:13-15; Col 3:1-4; and Eph 2:4-7. First, we have been crucified with Christ. The old me IS DEAD. We no longer have to sin as we did in our old nature. The power of sin has been broken. It’s not about will power, discipline, or religion – it’s believing what God says is true. It’s done!

    Second, we’ve been resurrected with Christ – Jesus lives in us and through us, so we have the power over sin. And third, we have been seated with Christ in the heaven. Being seated means it is finished, done, completed, and SECURE. We have the authority of Christ over Satan’s whisperings and the temptations of the world. May we all begin to grasp what has already been accomplished on the Christ and walk in the truth of what God says is true about us in Christ!

  2. Thanks, Mom! Great scriptures you laid out for us – and such good reminders of who we are in Christ! I didn’t catch the errors…but now it is late for me! 🙂

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