Why would you want to buy/use prayer cards?

Prayer is an amazing gift from God.  It allows us to have a relationship with the Creator of all things, the One who foreknew us before we were born, and the One who died for us on the cross and cleansed us of our sins.

Through prayer we stay close to our Father who delights in us and carries us through good times and bad. He is our source of direction, comfort, peace, and joy.  Yet, prayer is often the last thing we turn to – our last resort when we’ve tried everything else and consulted everyone else.  Only when we finally come to the end of ourselves do we turn to prayer, yet that should be the first place we go.  In 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Paul says to pray without ceasing – when prayer is a habit, a regular part of our lives, and not just reserved for certain times or special occasions, we are more dependent on the Lord, we grow in our walk with Him, and we rely on Him for all things.


How to Pray for Your Children
How to Pray with Your Child
How to Pray for Your Grown Children
How to Pray for Your Grandkids
How to Pray for Your Students
How to Pray for Your Teachers
How to Pray for Your Husband
How to Pray for Your Wife
How to Pray for a Birthmother
How to Pray for Your Pastor
How to Pray for Your Sponsored Child
How to Pray for Your Graduate
How to Pray for Your Soldier
How to Pray for Your Marine
How to Pray for Your Sailor
How to Pray for Your Airman
How to Pray in Challenging Times
How to Pray on the Mission Field
How to Pray for Missionaries
How to Pray for Your Business
How to Pray for Your Ministry
How to Pray Through Infertility
How to Pray for Your Foster Child
How to Pray for Your Foster Child’s Birthparents
God’s Word for New Moms
God’s Word for a Mom’s Heart
God’s Word for a Child’s Heart
God’s Word for a Teen’s Heart
God’s Word for Training Your Child’s Heart Vol1
God’s Word for Training Your Child’s Heart Vol2
God’s Word for Your Sponsored Child
God’s Word for the Graduate
God’s Word in Challenging Times
God’s Word for a Soldier’s Heart
God’s Word for a Marine’s Heart
God’s Word for a Sailor’s Heart
God’s Word for an Airman’s Heart
God’s Word for a Birthmom’s Heart
God’s Word for My Heart: Colossians 3:1-17
God’s Word for an Anxious Heart
God’s Word for Choosing Joy

So, how can we get in the habit of turning to prayer first?  The first step, of course, is to pray that God will give us a heart for prayer and a desire to be in regular communion with Him!  And, then we can also build on the desire He places in our hearts with practical and tangible tools, such as How to Pray Cards and God’s Word Cards.

How to Pray Cards are not meant to supersede our own prayers, but rather to be a stepping off point from which we can develop a habit of praying without ceasing.  They can help us get started when we know we want to pray, but we don’t know how to begin or we aren’t sure how to express what we feel.  They can also help focus and direct us so we don’t get distracted.  How to Pray Cards are small and portable, so they can be used anytime we have a desire to pray, no matter when or where that might be.  They come laminated and spiral bound so they’re easy to flip through and can withstand a lot of regular use.  If you stand them up on a table or countertop they serve as a great reminder to pray through the day, and if you keep them in a purse, backpack, or diaper bag, they’re easily accessible when you want to pray or spend time in God’s Word during moments of downtime while out and about.  They can even be used during late nights feeding your little one, which is how they were first developed!

How to Pray Cards and God’s Word Cards are both wonderful resources for finding several scriptures all in one place that pertain to one particular subject or topic. We often wonder what God’s Word has to say about a specific issue we’re dealing with, but then feel overwhelmed by the daunting task of trying to find related scriptures when we don’t know where to begin. Reading through a set of How to Pray Cards or God’s Word Cards can be a great way to quickly and easily read through God’s Word to know what He has to say about an issue.

How to Pray Cards are also great tools to use for evangelism. Many people who might not be interested in reading through a Bible still enjoy receiving and using prayer cards. They are blessed by the gift of prayer and encouragement, and also exposed to God’s Precious Word.

So, when scriptures are at our fingertips, and we pray without ceasing, we walk closely with God, we lean on Him and not our own understanding, and we trust Him in all things. In so doing, we can more easily put on His armor, remember His promises and commands, and have faith that they are all borne out of His great love for us.

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