Lessons in Mercy from a Shampoo Bottle

Title got you wondering?

I’m guest posting today over at my friend Kandy’s blog, Hungry for More. Kandy has been a wonderful blessing to the Throne of Grace ministry! Years ago, (when we were called How to Pray Cards) and it was just me by my lonesome steering this ship, Kandy made a purchase through my Etsy shop. Several weeks afterward, seemingly out of the blue, she emailed me a beautiful prayer that she said the Holy Spirit had laid on her heart to pray for me and for my business.  The prayer was quite lengthy, with scriptures woven throughout of specifically how she was praying. And as only God can do, He had spoken to Kandy’s heart and told her exactly what I needed to hear that day She had given me the perfect words of encouragement, as well as some words of conviction and challenge that I needed to hear! Since then, we’ve been cyber-world friends and we’ve enjoyed being able to follow and pray for one another’s ministries.

Kandy has spent much of her adult life living in Asia, and has recently written a book sharing her experiences and lessons learned from the Lord, also called Hungry for More: Feasting Through the Word. It is an honor for me to share some space on her blog today. I hope you will all stop by and visit, find out how a shampoo bottle has shaped my understanding of mercy, and leave Kandy a comment to let her know you are a friend of mine!

You can find my guest post here: http://hungryformore.org/mentoring-and-parenting/1653/

Then be sure to come back here tomorrow for Throne of Grace Thursday and I’ll have some practical tips on showing mercy to a watching world!



  1. What a sweet post, Molly. We just must make a face to face happen 🙂

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