Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure1

One of my favorite things to do is to go thrift store shopping.  I used to joke with my husband Ray that if something bad happened and he couldn’t find me, I probably had run off to a thrift store.  There is something exhilarating about searching through aisles of other people’s castoffs and finding a hidden treasure.  It is truly the thrill of the hunt.

When I lived in Ohio, there were 3 amazing thrift stores within a couple minutes from my house.  I could run in and almost always find something amazing… for a couple bucks.  Most of my wardrobe was made up of thrift store finds and I loved finding vintage items to decorate my home.  Having these stores was a blessing and a curse.  I ended up having way too much stuff!  When it was time to move across the country, I had a ton to get rid of!

 Hidden Treasure2

(Here I am at one of my favorite thrift stores—I wanted that desk!)

Now I live in an area where the closest thrift store is at least 15 to 20 minutes away…too far to just “drop in”.  We live where most homes are under 20 years old so there also isn’t the vintage stuff I was used to finding in Ohio.  Plus, the prices are (ahem) expensive!

My second love to thrift stores is garage sales.  In Ohio we lived a couple blocks from the town of Oakwood. Oakwood is beautiful and has amazing old homes…it is the old money of Dayton (the Wright Brothers lived there).  I would head out on a Thursday morning (yes, Thursday!) with Cole in tow, and we would find amazing vintage treasures…and a mix of kid toys, too!

Again, where we live now, garage sales have not been the same as what I experienced in Ohio (really, I am not complaining…just stating the facts). I have found some items, but most are only a couple years old—definitely not vintage.

So, when I found myself alone at home a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday morning (rarely happens!), I decided to check out some local garage sales.  As I scrolled through Craigslist, I saw an ad for an estate sale in my neighborhood.  I thought calling a garage sale an estate sale in a community of young families was weird, but decided to drop by.

I knew I had hit the jackpot when I approached the home and saw an old metal lunchbox and vintage rolling pin…for a dollar each! As I walked into the home I couldn’t believe my eyes.  This home had been built in the last 12 years, but inside it looked like a very old home…and even smelled old!   In the living room, huge dark velvet curtains hung from the ceiling surrounded by ornate furniture.  In the kitchen the countertops were covered in vintage kitchen items…pyrex dishes, a scale, even an old ice maker.  Where was I?  (I totally should have taken pics!)

Hidden Treasure3

I ended up buying several small items as well as some furniture pieces.  I seriously had to keep myself under control and only buy the things I knew I would really use.  I love the baby scale I found and hope to use it in a room someday (wink, wink!)

Hidden Treasure4

I have used several of the items I got to display in my kitchen. I have also done some painting to spruce up the furniture pieces I found.

Hidden Treasure5

I was so super excited that I found such amazing items…not sure my husband had the same excitement when he first saw our garage (currently only the rocking chair is still out there…love the fabric I ordered for it…anyone want to help me upholster it?)

Hidden Treasure6

As I have mentioned before, I love decorating our home.  I love finding items that are unique… and cheap is always a bonus!  What a blessing it was to find such lovely items for our home!  (Okay, so shopping here isn’t so bad… is it?)

Where do you shop for your home?  Do you buy secondhand?  What’s your best find?deb



  1. Tiffany Hayes says

    great post about your love for vintage shopping! I love that too!! Tami knows that I was always at the thrift stores in OC and creating new things from old. Your items you found are really cute and I really love that fabric!!!

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