Filling Your Heart and Your Home with Worship – Part 3

As promised, I’m back with the last half of my list, Molly’s Top 10 Worship Recommendations. If you’ve missed Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, you can catch them HERE and HERE. To recap quickly, here are #1-5.

1. Input is related to output.

2. Get a free subscription to Pandora Internet Radio.

3. Find some worship artists that inspire you and make your heart sing.

4. Keep your worship music selections fresh.

5. Find worship songs that directly quote Scripture.

Now, on with the rest…

6. Get the kids excited about praise and worship music at a young age! I’m always looking for good praise music for kids. It’s especially important to find music that will grow with them. While they are little there isn’t much competition for their attention in the music world and we can pretty much control what they listen to. But as they get older and have more influences from friends, media, and what’s playing in the mall…it’s crucial to find music that will engage them with a Gospel message!

My kids are still pretty little (5 and 7), so they are still loving Jana Alayra, Go Fish Guys, and Psalty (I know I’m definitely dating myself with Psalty! Any other kids of the 80’s out there?? Yes, he is a little hokey, but he is still around and I love that my kids can enjoy the praise songs I grew up with!). I have to give a special plug to the Go Fish Guys, who may be a little less known. I stumbled upon this group as a freebie song at the end of parenting audio magazine CD. They are awesome! Their tagline is “Great music for kids that won’t drive parents bonkers!” – and its true!

7. If you play a musical instrument, learn some popular worship songs. Using your musical talents to God’s glory will bring joy to your heart, bless your home, and who knows…maybe even one day bless your church! Now, sadly, this one doesn’t apply to me – yet! I still have aspirations of learning to play piano at some point. However, Kevin is quite the musician and I’m so thankful we have his example and his talent for a little after-dinner worship time!

Kevin Guitar 2

8. Buy a hymnal and some good hymn CDs. I LOVE modern praise and worship, but there is still something about those timeless hymns. Even if you didn’t grow up with them, or don’t sing them regularly in your church, you will be blessed. The lyrics of the old hymns are rich with Gospel messages that speak just as clearly today. Did you know you can buy your own hymnal? They aren’t just for the pews at church! I have a little collection started.


My mom gave me this one on the left when I was in elementary school and the one on the right came from the sweet little church I grew up in. About 5 years ago, sadly, the church had to close its doors and we all returned for one last church service. They told us to take a hymnal as a little memento. I love it! You can buy your own hymnal for super cheap! Here’s one that is just like my red hymnal available through Amazon Prime for just $9.95 – hardcover!

I thought I’d share the inscription my mom wrote inside the red hymnal:


My mom’s right! We often do remember the songs when we’ve forgotten the Scripture verses. I love that hymns help me remember.

I don’t have much of a singing voice, but we regularly sing hymns at bedtime with the kids. So I’m thankful to have a few great hymn CDs in my collection. Chris Rice’s “Peace Like a River: The Hymns Project”, Bart Millard’s “Hymned” and “Hymned Again” and Jadon Lavik’s “Roots Run Deep” CDs are among my top favorites!

9. Don’t be shy about playing worship music in the home when nonbelievers are present. Having some uplifting praise music playing in the background can be a great testimony to workers in the home, teen classmates, and neighbors. We’ve actually had some great conversations with people in our home who notice the music playing and ask about it. Be sensitive, however, if you are living in a home with unbelievers, like an unbelieving spouse or roommate. You don’t want to compromise your testimony by blasting them with Bible songs!

10. Fill your day with worship! This last one may seem obvious, but sometimes we just don’t think about it. Play worship music in the car, play worship music in the kitchen while you cook, put your phone with music playing next to the shower, blast it while you clean, play it quietly while you work…You will notice a difference in your heart and your home – guaranteed! 🙂

I believe some people have more of a natural heart for worship than others, just as some of us are more naturally wired to want to sit down and study Scripture. Both are vital to our Christian walk and growth and we would do well to learn from one another! I am more of a Bible study girl and Kevin is a worshiper through and through! I’m thankful God has paired us together to strengthen our weaker sides.

I’m constantly seeking to grow in both my understanding of worship and my ability to practically apply worship in my daily life. I’m sure you have some great tips, favorite worship artists or albums, and thoughts to share! Let us know what you do to keep your heart and home filled with worship, or tell us what new tips you’ve picked up from our blog today. We always welcome your thoughts!

By His Grace and for His Glory,molly

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