Prayer & Praise Monday – October 14, 2013


Hello dear Prayer Warriors!

This post is several weeks overdue…and even at that I’m just barely getting it out on Monday (at least on the west coast it’s still Monday!) It has been a crazy few weeks and life won’t be slowing down for awhile!

Before I get on to these important prayer requests may I ask for your prayers for us? I would greatly appreciate your prayers both for my family personally and for Throne of Grace during the next few months of the busy Christmas shopping season. We have spent the last few months building up our inventory and would love for you to pray with us, in faith, that God would use us mightily to spread His Word and help us get our resources into the hands of those who would be blessed by them! Our first boutique is this coming Saturday, October 19th, as part of a secular Fall festival. A great opportunity for sharing the love of Christ! Please also pray that I would be led daily by the Lord as He uses me to lead Throne of Grace and that, especially in this busy season, I would keep my priorities in proper perspective!

Now, let’s lift up these sweet brothers and sisters in Christ who desperately need our prayers…

• Our friend Bonnie Jean (you may remember her as the angel who distributed our blessing bags among Hurricane Sandy victims in New Jersey) would love prayer for her family. Please pray for Bonnie Jean as she parents her two young adult sons (19 and 21) and seeks to be a godly influence in their lives. They both have faced many challenges in their lives and need to be relying on the Lord as their Rescuer. Please pray for the Lord to bring special Christian friends into the lives of Bonnie Jean and her sons that they can connect with and meet with on a regular basis. Hurricane Sandy forced many of their closest friends to relocate far away. Bonnie Jean is also still struggling with health issues related to Hurricane Sandy from contaminated water she ingested. Let’s pray that the Lord would rid her completely of these health issues and bring complete healing! Finally, Bonnie Jean would like prayer for her marriage and for her husband, who is not a believer. Pray that God would give her His eyes to see her husband and use her to be a blessing and sweet aroma of Christ in his life.

“But thanks be to God, who always leads us as captives in Christ’s triumphal procession and uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of him everywhere. For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.”
(2 Corinthians 2:14-15 NIV)

• Remember our little friend, Ian?

Ian Update

Ian is now a third of the way through his Halo recovery time. If you missed his story, you can catch up HERE and HERE. He recently had a check-up with his neurosurgeon and received good news that the bones in his neck appear to be fusing well. This is a BIG praise! However, despite the improvements in his physical condition, and despite Ian’s joyful spirit, he is struggling quite a bit. Just days after this photo was taken, he had to return to the hospital with severe pain at the site of the pins in his head. The doctors could not find any obvious source of the pain but prescribed antibiotics just in case there was an undetectable infection. It is hard for a 4-year-old to clearly verbalize pain or be able to describe the source, so Ian’s mom, Lesily, is not sure if Ian is truly experiencing new pain or if he is just fearful or remembering the pain at the time of the accident. Lesily is also beginning to wonder if Ian may be experiencing some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Please pray for wisdom for Lesily and doctors to continue to care for Ian in the best way possible. It’s hard to look ahead and imagine life for 4 more months in this contraption! Pray that the Lord would lavish His grace upon Ian and his family to not only endure, but triumph through this challenge! Pray God would put a hedge of protection around Ian’s young spirit to be able to handle the very grown-up emotions such a traumatic event brings into a life.

• Many of you know, or know of, my sister Emmy. She is the creative genius behind Much Ado About You, Confessions of a Paper Freak, the Choose Joy Event, and now, her new blog, It’s Just Emmy. Emmy and her family are in the midst of adopting a baby! The newest addition will join big brother, Beau (10, biological child) and Penelope (2 1/2, adoptive child). Emmy and her husband have a HUGE heart for adoption and have heard God’s call to give another baby a home. You can read the story behind the latest Blakely adoption HERE. Emmy and her family would love prayer as they enter the final stages of the waiting…waiting for a match! Over the last couple weeks they have had about 4 or 5 potential matches. Several of those have not panned out but they are still waiting to hear from two possible birthmoms to find out if they have been chosen. Please pray for God’s clear leading in these decisions –  for Emmy and her husband to know which is God’s choice for their family and to be united in each decision along the way. Pray that He would time the baby’s arrival perfectly and prepare each member of the family to receive and bond with the baby. Pray that the Lord will provide all the necessary funds to bring this baby home! And don’t forget to pray for that special birthmom who will be forever linked to their family. Pray that God will give her grace and wisdom through this difficult time in her life and use this adoption to draw her closer to Christ. I’ll be sharing more about ways to support the Blakely’s adoption in the coming weeks…

Have a BLESSED week!molly

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Prayer & Praise Monday – May 20, 2013



Hello Prayer Warriors!

We’ve got an exciting update to share from Bonnie Jean in New Jersey! But first, I want to take a quick minute to remind you that our Photo “Journal”ism Contest deadline is TOMORROW!! We are excited to give away one of our handmade Legacy Prayer Journals — and the winner could be YOU! Be sure to read all the details on the contest HERE, and make sure you submit your photo entry by tomorrow, TUESDAY, MAY 21st at 8 pm (PST). Now, on to this week’s prayers and praises…

PandP Post Blessing Bags

• Praise God that every last Blessing Bag has now been distributed among the needy in the Hurricane Sandy area. We are so thankful for Bonnie Jean and her family who have partnered with us in this way. Despite her own struggles as a result of Sandy’s devastation and despite major health struggles, Bonnie Jean was faithful to the task! Well done, good and faithful servant! 🙂 I’m hoping we can share some photos from New Jersey soon!

• Bonnie Jean has asked for our continued prayers for her health. Specifically, she will be having minor back surgery TODAY, as well as beginning laser treatments for pain. Please pray with us that the surgery will be successful and that Bonnie Jean will have a speedy recovery. Let’s pray that the Lord will meet all the needs of her family as she continues to struggle through her health issues.

• Bonnie Jean would also love prayer for the salvation of her husband, Michael. I was encouraged to hear that the family’s participation in the Blessing Bags Project made a big impact on Michael. He has been amazed by the way the body of Christ in California is caring for those in need on the other side of the continent. May God continue to be glorified as we seek to be the hands and feet of Christ to those near and far!

• Please continue to pray for Deb’s mother-in-law, Anh. You may recall she has been suffering from dizzy spells after a concussion. She is doing much better! In fact, she was finally able to make plans to come to California to visit with Deb and her family next month. Please pray that nothing would hinder that trip and that she would continue to improve.

• Finally, please pray for Throne of Grace this week. We have a big meeting on Tuesday and are seeking the Lord’s wisdom and discernment over the next step for our ministry. We are hoping to establish a partnership that would allow us to produce some of our products in larger quantities and thus possibly open the doors for wholesale marketing and more long-term partnerships with other ministries that could help distribute our products. Please pray with us that God will be glorified through our meeting tomorrow!

That’s it for this week! If you have a praise report to share or would like us to be praying for you, please don’t hesitate to let us know! It would be our privilege to help carry you to the Throne of Grace. You can let us know by leaving a comment below, or by emailing us at:



Please submit prayer requests by NOON, Friday, to by included in the Prayer & Praise post for the following Monday!

Blessings in Christ,molly

Prayer & Praise Monday – April 15, 2013


Happy Tax Day! Hopefully this finds you relaxed and happy because your taxes are DONE! I’m thanking God today that years ago my husband found it a wise decision to pay a wonderful CPA to take care of our taxes for us. Every penny well-spent! 🙂

Here are the prayers and praises for the week:

• Bonnie Jean, our friend in New Jersey, has emailed to let us know that she and her contacts have now distributed about 1/2 of the Blessing Bags we sent to offer some practical and spiritual help to those living in the one of hardest hit areas of Hurricane Sandy. This particular community is a Latino neighborhood that, according to Bonnie Jean, is all but ignored by the local “help” centers. They are not ignored by their Heavenly Father! Hallelujah! If you are not familiar with our Blessings Bags, you can read more about the project HERE. Bonnie Jean has asked for continued prayer for these communities. In her words:

“Several families were struggling prior to the storm and now… with people out of work due to the economy in general… plus businesses that were destroyed and have to rebuild… and displaced people while FEMA decides what to pay for and insurance companies fighting to pay for anything at all.  Some people will be forced into bankruptcy and/or foreclosure. Please keep praying for the people of this area… despair is rampant… and change is not coming very quickly.”

Bonnie Jean would also love prayer for her health and her own family issues that have been challenging.

• Tami is asking for prayer for her in-laws, Tommy and Linda. You may remember that last fall, Tommy lost his leg through amputation as a result of some health complications. Tommy is doing well and adjusting to life without a limb. Tommy and Linda will be moving on the 27th of this month and could use prayer for a smooth transition to their new home and new community. Pray that they will see God’s faithful provisions for them!

• Praise God that Deb’s husband Ray had a safe and fruitful trip to Malawi! We got a report from the missions team at church yesterday and it was so encouraging to see the work the Lord did in the hearts of the Malawian (is that the word?) people, and in the hearts of the missions team, as well. Thanks to the Lord, also, for providing for all of Deb and Cole’s needs while Daddy was gone!

• Meredith would like continued prayer for the ability to surrender her flesh nature to the Lord and to live through Him. Let’s pray for Meredith and pray that for ourselves while we are at it! I’ll end with that…

Dear Lord Almighty, Thank you, Father, for dying as a substitution for our sin, so that we may be dead to sin and no longer slaves to our flesh. We ask you to make this Truth a reality in Meredith’s life and in all of our lives. May we know the reality of a life that is free in the Spirit. Give us eyes to see Your face each and every day and give us courage to walk in Your will. In Jesus’ precious Name, Amen.