Pray for Ian!!

Halo removal prayer photo

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Please hold this little guy up in prayer this morning as he undergoes surgery to remove the Halo. Such a delicate procedure! Please pray for quick healing of the wounds where the pins have been bolted to his skull and for Ian’s neck muscles to be strengthen as they begin to support his neck again. Pray that the Lord would send His angels to surround Ian as he readjusts to moving, sleeping, playing, and being a typical 4-year-old kid without the protection the Halo has offered. If all goes well, Ian will be going home today with just a neck brace! Praise God!

By His Grace and for His Glory,molly

Prayer & Praise Monday – February 3, 2014


Happy Monday, Prayer Warriors!

As I sat down to write this, the Lord brought Psalm 30:4, 5b to mind:

“Sing praise to the Lord, you saints of His,
And give thanks at the remembrance of His holy name.
Weeping may endure for a night,
But joy comes in the morning.” (NKJV)


Today as I think about the praises I have to share, I am reminded of how dark, dark, dark life seems to be in the midst of the storms. We often feel alone and wonder, “Is God here? Is He really in control of this craziness?” But when the morning comes, and the Lord brings closure to a tough season of life, it is such a joy to be able to look back and see that He was there with us through it all. Working it all for our good and His glory! That gives me faith to turn the corner and more boldly approach the next storm brewing…there is always another storm brewing, isn’t there? 😉

As I said, I’ve got great praises to share!

• Our sweet friend, Heidi, had a smooth delivery with her new little girl, Elanor Joy “Ellie”. She came on January 13th weighing 6 lbs. 50z. and was 19 inches long. After a brief bout with jaundice and some feeding issues, Ellie was released with a good bill of health! Heidi is so grateful to the Lord that Ellie is, so far, not experiencing many of the health challenges that arise for children with Down Syndrome. Another big praise for Heidi is that the situation with her foster son appears to be moving in the direction of being able to adopt him. What a blessing that would be! Heidi’s next court hearing is on Good Friday. Please pray that God would allow the judge to rule in favor of starting the adoption process if this would be best for her little guy. Let’s also continue to pray for Heidi and her family as they adjust to life with a newborn and as they learn more about parenting a special needs child. God has certainly called this family to a special mission with His children and we can be confident that He always equips those He calls!

• Ian – Another big praise report this week comes regarding Ian, our Halo kid! If you have missed Ian’s story, you can catch up  HERE, HERE, and HERE.
Ian update
Ian had an appointment for (hopefully!) a final check this morning at 9am and I’m still waiting to hear the results of that. It has been 6 long months for the Davis family, but life in the Halo should be coming to a close this week or next! Wow! Please pray that the results from testing today and the consensus of the 3 doctors who are teaming to make a final decision will show that Ian’s bones have fused well in his spine and that the Halo is ready to come off! Exciting as this is, I know Ian’s parents, Lesily and Jason, are also quite nervous about what the next few months will hold. Please pray that for a hedge of protection around Ian physically as he readjusts to life without the Halo and as his neck muscles strengthen to regain the ability to fully support the weight of his head. Pray for a hedge of protection around Lesily and Jason emotionally and spiritually, that the temptation to fear and worry would be met with faith and constant reminders of God’s goodness to them through this whole storm.


Speaking of God’s Goodness through the Storm, Ian’s mom, Lesily, has begun a blog documenting their incredible journey after Ian’s neck injury. If you’d like to read more about what God has been teaching Lesily (and you will be SO blessed if you do!), you can find her blog, Goodness in the Storm, HERE.

• Finally, I have to thank you all for the prayers and encouragement as my own family has been through the roller coaster of selling our home and searching for a new one. I’m happy to report we have found a wonderful rental to call home until the market is a little better for buying. This new home really seems to be perfect for us! It is way more home than we were expecting to find – it will give us an extra room for the kids PLUS an extra room for Throne of Grace – in a fabulous location!! That is a big answer to prayer and a great reminder of how God gives abundantly more than we ever ask for or dream of! Please praise the Lord with us! We’d also love prayer as we kick the packing into high gear (in order to get this rental, we had to shift our move date up by THREE weeks! Yikes!) Please pray as we transition to our new home and neighborhood that we would honor the Lord and come through the chaos triumphantly. As we all know, Satan likes to prey on our stresses and bring division and worry!


If you are in the midst of one of those storms of life and still waiting to see God reveal His goodness and care through it all, we’d love to help lift you up in prayer. We weren’t designed to go through this life alone. The body of Christ is one of the best ways we can experience Jesus in the flesh! 🙂 Please let us know how we can be praying for you by leaving a comment below or by contacting us at:


It would be our joy to add you to our prayer & praise posts!
Looking ahead to a great week,
Blessings in Christ,molly

Prayer & Praise Monday – January 20, 2014


Hello! Yes, it is Tuesday again and I’m just now getting this out! One of these days I’ll get back on track but I’m not promising it will be anytime soon!

My son has to memorize a Bible verse and character trait to be recited at school each week. This past week I was handed the job of listening to each of the students, one at a time, recite their verse and trait. I had to chuckle to myself because it was EXACTLY what the Lord knew I needed to hear at that moment…and he knows I’m a stubborn learner so he gave me 2o different opportunities to hear it! 🙂

I was so inspired that I decided we needed to post it up in the house over these next few weeks as we transition out of our home and into the unknown. Just in case it might speak to your heart this week…from Philippians 4:19 (NIV):


What needs are you faced with today? Are you tempted, like me, to doubt that the LORD wants to bless you, or even that He is able?? Say, “No!” to that temptation with me today and instead put on the character trait of TRUST, so perfectly modeled by our Savior.


Isn’t that all we need?

Now, on to our prayer requests and praises for the week:

• Big, big praises regarding Bridget and a big thank you to all who lifted her up to Jesus this past week! The MRI and various other scans showed absolutely no abnormalities, masses, or anything major to be concerned about! Praise the Lord! A subsequent meeting with her previous surgeon, however, still did not turn up any answers as to why the sudden vision loss. They will continue with patching to strengthen the weak eye and would love continued prayers that they will get some clear answers soon.

• Please continue praying for Deb and her family as they begin the journey home from China and get settled into daily life with their new little one, Quinn. Let’s ask the Lord to strengthen their bonds as a family and give Quinn all the comfort and security he needs to feel at home. We can also begin praying for his health and preparation for surgery in the coming months to correct his cleft lip and palate.

• Still no news on my move so I’d love continued prayer for our family. If you could pray that we would trust the Lord for his PEACE, PROVISION, and DIRECTION as we approach the close of escrow, we would appreciate it!

Blessings for a great week!molly