Are You Contagious?

A couple of weekends ago, our church family headed down to San Diego for our annual Family Camp (camp is a little misleading…we actually stay at a really great hotel, for which I am extremely grateful!).  Our guest speaker for the event was Milton Vincent.  If you haven’t read his book A Gospel Primer, I highly recommend that you get your hands on a copy!  He faithfully taught us God’s Word and challenged my heart.  One of the things he said that has stuck with me is:

“Like it or not, your worship is the most contagious thing about you.”

What is worship?  It is the thing or things that drive my heart and passions.  How do I spend my time?  How do I spend my money?  Who or what do I love?

Our children “catch” from us the things that we enjoy and are passionate about—good and bad.  I love doing craft projects and spend a lot of time (and if I am honest, money) doing crafts.  My son Cole has “caught” this bug from me.  Half of our garage is dedicated to a project and craft area.  Cole has his own table next to mine where he works on endless projects.  He is passionate about creating.


Cole and I recently worked together on a project that showcases his love of drawing. First, I found some Command Adhesive hooks at Home Depot for a couple bucks.  I loved the blue color because it was a shade or two darker than the wall color.  I also love that I can remove them without messing up my freshly painted walls (especially if I hang them crooked the first time :)).


I used some of my favorite twine from Lawn Fawn (found here: http://www.lawnfawn.com/products/vivid-triple-pack-cord) and simply tied it onto the hooks.  I used a glue dot to secure the twine to the hook.

 I had some clothes pins in my craft stash and we used them to hang up some of Cole’s favorite art pieces—super easy.   The hardest part was deciding which ones to hang!

I found the large letters at Michaels on clearance, so they are probably all gone by now (sorry!).  They were originally painted black, so I hit them with some high gloss red spray paint so they would “pop” against the bright blue wall.

For under $20 we filled up an otherwise blank wall and made it into something that reflects Cole’s passion.

Although I love being creative with my son, what I really want him to “catch” is my love for Jesus.  Does Cole see my heart and passions driven by my love for Jesus?  Or does he instead see my heart following other selfish pursuits?  How do I spend my time and money in front of him?  Does he see a heart desiring to please Christ or a heart consumed by greed and pleasure?  What is he “catching”?

I know that I fail every day to worship Jesus.  I do not spend all of my time and efforts glorifying God.  The good news is that I am a sinner saved by grace.

“For by grace you have been saved through faith.
And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.”
(Ephesians 2:8 ESV)

I don’t have to live in guilt and fear as a mother every time I fail to show my son how to love Jesus—in fact, I can use those failures to show him that Mommy needs Jesus too!

But, how do I grow in my desire to worship God?  By focusing on the Gospel—that Jesus, with His great love and mercy, died on the cross for my sins and conquered death when He rose again!  When I read God’s Word and reflect on the love and grace He has shown me, my heart responds with joyful worship.

So, how do we help our children to fall in love with Jesus?  First, we can pray for them.  God is the changer of hearts and I pray daily that God would soften Cole’s heart to His Word and give him a passion for Jesus.   Then, by God’s grace alone, we show them what it looks like to fall in love with Jesus.


What about your worship? What do you worship?  What are those around you “catching”? We’d love to hear your thoughts by leaving us a comment below!


If you would like to hear more of what Milton Vincent shared with us at Family Camp, click here for a link to the audio file: http://fbc.sermon.net/sermonid/1199812477


  1. Love, love, love it, Deb! Love how God has given you and Cole both such a creative outlet for declaring your passion for Him!

  2. Such a challenging read. Love your creativity.

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