A Plea for Prayer

It’s Throne of Grace Thursday and I’d planned to bring you part 2 of my post “Filling Your Heart and Your Home with Worship”. I’ve been a little distracted and will (hopefully!) have that for you tomorrow. Instead, I’d like to make a plea for prayer on behalf of Lesily Davis, one of our closest friends at Throne of Grace. Lesily and her sweet family desperately need our prayers!

If you’ve been around the ToG blog for awhile you’ve seen Lesily’s name and photos pop up quite a bit! Here she is from last week’s post with Deb at Orphan Care Night:

Orphan Care Night_7.25.13

Here is Lesily lending a big hand and a smile at our Blessing Bag Assembly Day last January:

Lesily at Blessing Bag Day

And here is Lesily today with her precious 4-year-old, Ian, and her husband, Jason:

Ian at hospital

Yep, these guys need some prayer! Here is the story…

Lesily and her family of 4 (she also has a 2-year-old named Flynn…more on him later!) had just left us last Saturday and moved a little over an hour away to Temecula. Sad day! They were unpacking and starting to get settled. On Tuesday of this week, the sofa was being cleaned and washed. It is a sectional sofa and the pieces were separated while Lesily was vacuuming under pillows and cushions were drying. 4-year-old Ian was sitting on the edge of one section, with a stuffed animal next to him. He went to lean back on the couch but probably had forgotten the other part of the couch was not next to him and couldn’t see over the stuffed animal. He was sitting so close to the edge that when he leaned back he fell and hit his head on the other section of the couch that was slightly apart and had no cushions on it. He hit his head and neck in just the wrong way so as to cause his spine to fracture!

After a long ambulance ride to Los Angeles and several MRIs, the diagnosis was made and surgery planned to insert a Halo brace (which is screwed into the skull) and to correct the fracture. By the grace of God, the spine was aligned correctly and the bones were already started to fuse into place so the spine surgery was not needed and the Halo was attached successfully. Ian is such a special little guy and is handling the pain and limitations so well so far! He will be spending just a couple more days in the hospital, if all goes well, and then begin adjusting to life with a spinal cord injury. Doctors say he will wear the Halo brace attached to a plastic vest that goes down to his waist (kind of like being in a cast) for about 6 months!! That is a long time for anybody but certainly a lifetime for an active little boy!

Our family has had the joy of caring for Ian’s little brother, Flynn, while the Davis family has been away at the hospital. He has been a delight in every way and we just know the Lord is giving this 2-year-old extra measures of peace and understanding in such a difficult situation.


We might just keep him!

The Davis Family would love all the prayers they can get! This accident will be a life-changer for all of them! Here are some things you can pray for:

• that the bones will fuse correctly in Ian’s spine

• wisdom and patience for the family to have as smooth a transition as possible to their new normal

• Ian to adjust to the pain levels and not be fearful of physical therapy

• that Ian will quickly make enough progress to be discharged so he can go home and be reunited with his brother, who he is missing greatly!

• wisdom for doctors, Jason, and Lesily as they seek to manage Ian’s pain. (It is predicted to be a very painful recovery and there aren’t a ton of safe pain med options for kids!)

• peace for Lesily and Jason as they look ahead to the challenges in the days ahead. Pray that they will trust the Lord to be their provider in every way – physically, financially, emotionally, etc. There are a lot of unknowns!

• that they will see the Lord’s faithful provisions at every turn – especially as they are in a brand new community where they know no one! Pray God would provide a great support system in their new neighborhood and help them find a new church family.

If you feel led to pray for the Davis family, I know they would be so blessed if you would take a minute to let them know by leaving a comment below! Throne of Grace friends are AWESOME prayer warriors! Let’s overwhelm Lesily and her family with our love and prayers!

I’ll be back soon with those practical tips for filling our days with worship, I promise! 🙂 I certainly am thanking the Lord for his mercy upon little Ian. As scary as his accident was, the outcome could have been far worse!

“A man’s heart plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.”
(Proverbs 16:9 NKJV)


By His Grace and for His Glory,molly


  1. Karen Sturgeon says

    What a precious family. I promise to open my heart up to God and know that His faithfulness and love to the Davis family will keep it full of prayers for them. Love, Karen

  2. Certainly will.

  3. Bonnie Jean says

    I will pray for sweet Ian and his family. He looks so happy despite his difficult circumstances. I will pray for protection, provision and peace for all.

  4. Lesily, I will be praying for you, Jason, Ian and Flynn as you begin this next stage of Ian’s recovery together. I pray that God would wrap you all in His loving embrace and you would feel His presence, comfort, strength and healing in the days ahead. I pray that God would be able to use this unfortunate injury to bring glory to God and show others His amazing power.

  5. Allison Hunter says

    My husband and I are praying for your family!

  6. We’ll keep praying my friend!

  7. Praying for this darling family! May they be surrounded with the comfort, peace, grace, and wisdom of God, and the support and love of their new community as well as their friends and family. Praying for Ian and Flynn to be reunited SOON!!!

  8. Matt and Kelly Taylor says

    We are praying for a quick recovery and for God to surround you all with his Love!!!

  9. Stewart family says

    Praying for you! You all look so happy in the picture and that is such a testimony of God’s grace. He will work this for good and for His glory. I know His Spirit will give you all you need each day. God bless you….xoxo The Stewarts

  10. We are praying for Ian and his family!! I’m so thankful that we can all call on the Lord together and that He hears our prayers and is faithful in every situation!!


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