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Prayer & Praise Monday – October 28, 2013


Hello there, Throne of Grace friends and prayer warriors!

We’ve got lots of great praises to share with you today, so I’ll get right to them…

• About a year ago, we were praying with Lauren as she stepped out in faith to begin a MOPS ministry at her church in Alabama. Lauren is so grateful for our prayers and wants to praise God for the huge doors He has opened for their ministry as they have begun their 2nd year. You may remember that Lauren had no one to head up the children’s program for MOPS last year. About a month ago a woman stepped up to coordinate the children’s program and is doing an amazing job! Lauren says they have moms coming from all over the area – including a German woman who just moved into the area from Germany and has a new baby. These women are desperate for friends and encouragement and what a blessing that the Word for God is being presented to them and they are being given the opportunity to hear of God’s goodness through the testimonies of other women. Thank you, Lord, for the example of Lauren being obedient to Your call and trusting in Your provision, in Your timing!

Let’s continue to pray for Lauren in her leadership role. She just gave birth 5 weeks ago to her 3rd child (a girl named Joy!). May the Lord be her joy in the midst of the challenging days and nights with a newborn and may He enable Lauren to joyfully handle all that is on her plate!

• I have a great update from our sweet friend, Heidi. Heidi is pregnant with a daughter who, according to an amniocentesis, has Downs Syndrome. Heidi is also in the process of trying to adopt her foster child! In the midst of all this, her husband had to have shoulder surgery, which has kept him from being able to work, and Heidi was in an unstable job herself. Here is her great praise:

I’m excited to report that I found a new job, and I start the first week in November. Praise God, they weren’t shaken at all when I shared that I’m about to enter my third trimester of pregnancy. 🙂 The company I’m going to isn’t as close to home as I’d like (my previous job was less than a mile from home), but the company seems very good, very stable, and the kind of place where I should be able to spend the rest of my career. Yay God! My husband’s shoulder is slowly healing, but he is still in a lot of pain. We’re grateful for this opportunity for him to spend time recovering before we have two little ones in our home.


Let’s ask the Lord to remove the pain from Heidi’s husband’s shoulder and speed him back to work! Let’s also pray that Heidi will have a smooth transition into her new job. And I know Heidi would also love continued prayer for her pregnancy and for the preparations for whatever challenges await!

• Thank you for your prayers for my sister’s adoption process. In the past week, we’ve decided that I will get the blessing of being able to travel with her and her family to Utah where the baby will be born. While my sister and her husband are busy with adoption details, I get to play with my nephew, Beau, and niece, Penelope. The new baby (gender not know yet!) could really come at any time, so we are needing to be ready to hop on a plane at a moment’s notice! I have such special memories of when I got to travel with them for Penelope’s adoption.

Here I am holding Penelope for the first time!

Here I am holding Penelope for the first time!

Building a snowman with my nephew Beau.

Building a snowman with my nephew Beau.

Something we hadn't done for a LONG time!

Something we hadn’t done for a LONG time!

Please pray for all of us to trust in God’s timing and in His provisions. There are many details to iron out in the care for my family while I am gone, the work of the Throne of Grace ministry at the height of our busy season, and of course, getting everything ready for the new baby! Please also continue to pray for a healthy delivery and for the birthmom to have all the care and comfort she needs at this difficult time in her life. We are so grateful for her amazing sacrifices!

If things get quiet around here for a while…you’ll know why! 🙂

Thanks for your continued partnership in prayer! What a blessing it is to join you all here at the throne of God’s abundant grace each week! Please let us know how we can be praying for you…

By His Grace and for His Glory,molly

Fall Fest Fun

It’s been awhile since Molly, Tami and I have all been together at a boutique and the Craft Fair at our local Fall Fest was a perfect place for us to work (and hang out) together!  Our community hosts a festival every year, but this is the first year in many years that they included a Craft Fair.

Molly picked me up in the morning and I knew it was going to be such a fun day.  The weather was perfect…not quite “fall”…but still gorgeous.  Tami joined us at the park and we unloaded everything.  There were other vendors already setting up their booths…we even knew a couple of them already which was super fun!

I really enjoyed setting up our booth.  We had a 10 x 10 covered area and it gave us the freedom to change up our normal set up. We added an extra table on the side which gave us more space to display our products. Here’s what our set-up looked like.

Fall Fest Fun 1

We had lots of people come through our booth and it was great getting to know people in our neighborhood.  It’s amazing that I live in California, but live in a small town where everyone knows each other…I really love this community!

Fall Fest Fun 2

It was also encouraging to meet so many believers…such a blessing!  For all of you who dropped by, it was so great to see you!

We even had the 3rd place winner of the Chili Cook-off drop by…Hi, Lisa!

Fall Fest Fun 3

During the Festival, I was able to sneak away a couple times and shop the other booths.  There was a really a great selection of vendors. I wish I would have taken more pics…still trying to get a handle on this blogging thing!

I really loved Scrappy Girl Handmades which was right next to us.  I always appreciate handmade sewn items.  I am crafty in many ways, but sewing is not one of them!  Kristen had the cutest little girl pillowcase dresses.  Of course I had to get one for my niece!  I also scooped up a bib for our little guy waiting in China…love the turtles!  You can check out her shop on Etsy at scrappygirlhandmades.etsy.com.

Fall Fest Fun 4

Another booth I loved was Little Happy Baby.  I have met Virginia a couple times and have always enjoyed talking with her. She is so super sweet.  She and her friend Heidi had tons of adorable baby burp cloths and binky clips.  Their stuff was adorable!  I was looking through the burp cloths and sharing with Virginia how we had just received a referral for a little one in China…she immediately insisted that she give me a set of the burp cloths as a gift!  Then Heidi threw in a binky clip!  I was so blessed by their generosity and their shared joy in my news of our baby boy!  I simply adore the nautical fabric on the burp cloths!

Fall Fest Fun 5

Late in the day, Molly’s kiddos dropped by the booth.  Tami had made the three of us ladies the most adorable aprons (check out her tutorials:  HERE and HERE ) and she had made a smaller version for Lucy.  So sweet, right?

Fall Fest Fun 6

Here is her brother Colin looking cool:

Fall Fest Fun 7

With the constant stream of visitors to our booth and the lovely breeze, the day just flew by.  I really enjoyed the event and loved spending time with Molly and Tami.  They are such dear friends and any time I get to spend with them is always a blessing.

Fall Fest Fun 8

It was a great start to the Christmas boutique season!


Prayer & Praise Monday – October 21, 2013


Good Monday Morning Friends!

We are sailing through the month of October, already! Did you know that October is Pastor Appreciation month? Well it is! So let’s begin with a prayer for our pastors:

Dear Jesus, Thank you for not leaving us alone! You are so good to have given us Your Holy Spirit to teach us, convict us, and remind us of all of Your words. And if that weren’t enough, you have also given us wonderful shepherds – our pastors – to give us greater insight into Scripture and to lead us as we seek to become more like You! Today we ask for a special blessing over our pastors. We pray that you will keep them close to You, protect them from temptation, and use them mightily for Your Kingdom. Help them to rely on Your strength, and not their own, to remain faithful to the calling You have given them. Give them rest, refreshment, and encouragement for their souls to press on when faced with challenges. Show us, Lord, how we may bring special blessings to our pastors and their families this month! Amen.

One of the BEST ways you can encourage your pastor is through your faithful prayers. Of course, Throne of Grace has the perfect tool to help with that!


Here are a few other ideas of ways to give your pastor a little extra special appreciation this month (or anytime!):

* Give your pastor and his wife a gift card to a local restaurant for a night out (offer to provide babysitting, if necessary!)

* Send him a card of thanks in the mail. If you have children, have them include pictures or artwork!

* Invite your pastor and his family over for dinner.

* Give your pastor a gift certificate to a local Christian Book Store or online Christian book distributor.

* Use whatever gifts God has given you to serve your pastor or his family – bake goodies, clean their house, offer to do yard work, wash a car, do home maintenance, etc.

Here are a few new prayer requests and praises this week:

• Meredith has asked us to pray specifically for her senior pastor. Please pray for protection for his 5 young kids and beautiful wife and direction for Meredith’s church.

• Throne of Grace’s own Deb and her family are praising God that they have received a referral for an infant boy in China.  Hallelujah! They have been waiting for many, many months to move forward with their adoption! Please pray for them as they wait to travel and as they prepare to welcome a precious little one into their home!

Townsends plus one

• And last, but not least, please join me in praying for one more adopting family that was just matched with a baby:

Blakelys plus one

My sister, Emmy, and brother-in-law, Nathan, have just today received the wonderful news that a birthmother has chosen their family! Praise God! My new niece or nephew will be born sometime in the next few weeks! Please pray for the health of both mom and baby and pray for a safe delivery. Emmy would also love prayers for wisdom in the decisions that need to be made in the next few weeks and for God’s peace as they trust Him to orchestrate all the details of traveling for the baby’s birth and preparing for the baby’s arrival home. Let’s also pray for a smooth adjustment for the whole family (especially for 2 1/2 year old Penelope!)

We’d love to know you are praying with us this week! Leave us a comment below…and be sure to let us know if there is a way we can be praying for YOU! 🙂