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Sneak Peek!

Summer is winding down and the Garibaldi Family is getting a Back-to-School Craft Party rolling!! I don’t know what it is about a new school year, but it makes me feel crafty! Maybe it’s the years of classroom set up in my former life, both as the daughter of a teacher and then as a teacher myself…but I don’t feel right if September rolls around and I’m not cutting, pasting, and decorating!

So, now that I’m an at-home mommy and sending my own kids off to school, we’ve made it a tradition to bless their teachers with some crafty sweetness for the start of school.

Here is quick “sneak peek” of our project, which is still in progress!

Sneak Peek Materials

Check back this weekend and I’ll post a quick and easy tutorial to help you be a blessing to a teacher in your life!

Can you guess what we are making??


Tag It!

Recently when I was wandering through my local Hobby Lobby trying to find supplies for VBS crafts, I found myself in the scrapbook paper aisle and saw this:

Tag It_1

All specialty paper was 50% off, so this sheet cost a buck.  I didn’t know what I was going to make, but I loved that I could buy a sheet of canvas… so into my cart it went!

I have a friend who is a missionary to Spain that is visiting in the area currently and loves crafty stuff.  She has mentioned that it is difficult to find craft supplies and decorative items where she lives.  She has also mentioned that they have very little space in their suitcases to bring anything home with them.  I want to give her a gift to take home, but it has to take up hardly any space.  Hmmmm…

In the meantime, I was working on painting some bins in my laundry room that I had scored at a garage sale for a couple bucks.  They were green and blue when I bought them and I gave them a coat of gray paint to update them.  They needed a little something more and my mind went to the canvas sheet I bought.  I created tags for the bins and then placed them on a shelf in the laundry room.  Perfect!

Tag It_2

Then I thought I could make some tags for my friend!  They don’t take up space (practically weightless) and add the vintage cottage feel that I know she likes.

To make her tags I first got out my Lawn Fawn Stamps and dies that my friend Kelly (co-owner of Lawn Fawn) recently gave me to try out.  They actually are a Christmas set, but I think they work any time of year!  The cool thing about Lawn Fawn is they have always had amazing stamp sets, but now they are selling dies that work with the sets.  The dies are thin metal and they work in my Cuttlebug machine (or any other die machine).  These particular sets should start arriving in stores at the end of the month.

*** If you don’t have a die machine with dies, no worries.  It does make the work go faster, but you could totally trace a tag and cut it out by hand.  I also tested a hole punch with the canvas, and it worked just fine too! ***

Tag It_3

If you have never used dies, here’s a quick tutorial:

1. Cut the canvas to fit into machine.

2. Lay die on cutting boards (included with machine…with the Cuttlebug I have plate C down first and plate A on top of it).

3. Place another board on top (also included with machine…use board B).

4. Roll through machine.

5. Cut out as many as you need (I did 5 of each of the 2 sizes)

Tag It_4

Next I punched out the circles included in die set (#1), cut out enough for all my canvas tags (#2) and then glued the circles on with liquid glue.

Tag It_5

For the next step I used Stazon ink which won’t run on fabric (#1), put a stamp on acrylic block (#2) and then stamped the image onto the tag (#3).  I also stamped numbers on the small set of tags and letters (first initials of my friend’s family members) on the bigger tags.  You can use any stamps for this or even use a Sharpie!  Ooh, maybe even stencils with paint would work!

Tag It_6

After adding baker’s twine, here’s what I had:

Tag It_7

Pretty cute, I think!  I tried the tags in different spots in my house to give some ideas on how they can be used.  Here in my living room:

Tag It_8

And here in my bedroom:

Tag It_9

I think they add a warm cottage feel…I hope my friend likes them!   The finishing touch was to put them in a paper bag and staple it shut with a stamped paper tag!

Tag It_10

These tags were super easy to make and they add a special touch when hung on a hook or basket.  I got at least 15 tags out of the sheet I bought for $1 and all the other supplies I used I already had on hand!

I hope my friend likes these…I also kinda hope she hasn’t just read this and spoiled the surprise!

What are some simple gift ideas you’ve given to friends?  I would love for you to share!


Prayer & Praise Monday – August 19, 2013


Good morning, Prayer Warriors!

I’m excited to be back with you at the throne of our Savior this morning! It has been a busy couple of weeks and though we’ve had a blast, (I’ll share more about that next week!) summer is, sadly, winding down. For me, the best part of the end of summer is the beginning of a new school year and a return to routines. I LOVE the freedoms of summer for a season, but I definitely THRIVE on routine. 🙂

Let me get you caught up on a couple requests we have been praying for…

• Thank you all SO much for the sweet prayers for little Ian and the Davis family. If you missed their story you can catch up HERE. All the comments on the blog were such an encouragement to Lesily and her family! Ian is adjusting to the new “normal” of life with a Halo. He continues to shine that bright smile even as he faces such challenges. What a demonstration of God’s grace!

Tami has been busy making “altered” T-shirts for Ian – sewing in velcro that allows him to put shirts on over the Halo. Here they are modeling his new wardrobe:

Tami and Ian

While Ian is doing remarkably well, all things considered, the family needs continued prayer! Please pray that the bones in Ian’s spine are fusing together correctly. They will be going for a visit to the neurosurgeon on Friday of this week to take a look. Pray also for Lesily as she adjusts to taking care of Ian without extra help. She’s had family members staying with them the past couple of weeks but everyone has now gone home! Pray for daily strength to serve Ian and her family with joy. The Halo makes even the simplest tasks, like a trip to the bathroom, a challenge! They have to be extremely careful that Ian does not get bumped or fall. Even walking from room to room poses a great risk since Ian can’t see his feet or any obstacles that might be in his way! Pray for eyes to see ministry opportunities that God gives them as they interact with medical personnel, friends and family who are watching this journey unfold, and even strangers on the street. May God continue to shine His light through Ian and all the Davis family!

• Please pray for Anh, Deb’s mother-in-law. We have been praying for her off-and-on for nearly a year now as she has struggled through bouts of vertigo (dizzy spells). Initially, Anh had been diagnosed with a concussion as the cause of the vertigo, but as the dizziness has persisted, they have been exploring other medical explanations. There have been times where the vertigo goes away but it has returned and I’m sure that is both frustrating and scary! Pray that Anh and her husband will be trusting in the Lord and seeking His wisdom and answers. Pray that the doctors would quickly find a clear cause and a clear solution for her condition.

• Praise the Lord with us for a super week of Vacation Bible School at our church! The Lord brought over 100 kids to VBS this year (about half of those children were not from our church!). It was exciting to see everything come together as God used so many gifted people to make it all happen. As part of the week, we got to participate in packing meals for Kids Around the World. This amazing organization sends pre-packaged meals of rice, beans, dried veggies, vitamins, etc. to third world nations. In a couple hours, the VBS kids and their families packed more than 5,000 meals that are going to Haiti! Here is a photo of me and my kiddos getting ready to measure and weigh food packs…gotta love the hair nets! 🙂

kids around the world

• Thank you for your prayers for my family as we said goodbye to my grandpa and held his funeral service. It was everything we hoped it would be – a great tribute to his 90 years and also a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel! Though it was a painful day, I was so proud of my dad and the way He boldly shared Scripture in the beautiful eulogy he wrote for my grandpa.

If you have a prayer need or a praise report you’d like us to share here on the Throne of Grace blog, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us by leaving a comment below or emailing us at:



Requests received by Friday at noon will be included in the following Monday’s Prayer & Praise post.

Make it a great week!

Blessings in Christ,molly