10 Random Things About Tami

We are on Part 2 of our series on Random Things to know about the Throne of Grace team. If you missed last week’s post revealing the confessions of Molly, you can catch up HERE.

This week, we get to know Tami a little better! Tami has been a part of Throne of Grace since August of 2011. She keeps us all on-track, organized, and well-fed — among a long list of her other talents! Let’s see what she has to share today…

1. I LOVE chocolate, but when given the option of a lemon or chocolate tart, cake, or pie, I’ll often pick the lemon one. 

Here’s a pic of a lemon chiffon pie, which my mom sometimes makes for special occasions.  I always loved it and still consider it one of my favorite desserts.  I have a feeling it’s what influenced my lemon dessert preference.


2. Growing up my favorite color was blue.  I still like blue a lot, but I now tend to prefer red.

3. I have a California accent.

When I first met my husband’s Grandmother (who was from a small town in rural South Carolina), she told me I was a little hard to understand and had a “twang”.  I’d never thought of my accent that way before! Lol!  I tend to pick up on any accent I’m around for any length of time, however, so whenever we’d visit her, I’d make an effort to make my accent more southern, and she seemed to have an easier time understanding me. 🙂


Meanwhile, I loved hearing her country accent and old-fashioned phrasing – some of which I’d never heard before!  We were able to video tape her a few years later talking about her life and growing up on a farm.  She died only a few weeks later, so my husband and I both cherish that footage of her!

4. I love to bake and often bake things from scratch, but for some reason I’m terrible at baking cakes. 

About a year and a half ago I made these cake balls for a baby shower from the cake disaster I had to try and quickly salvage.


Thankfully, this batch of cake balls came out well, but I’ve even made cake ball disasters!

5. My mom is a math teacher and my dad is an engineer, but I can hardly do simple arithmetic in my head. 

The apple fell pretty far from the tree on that one…

6. I would much rather go to a geeky sci-fi movie than a romantic comedy chick flick. 

My husband is so lucky 😉

7. I was a theater major in college, but I never waited tables.

8. I’m really clumsy.

I’ll often do things like bump against a wall or doorway, bang dishes together, or trip over air.  My husband isn’t sure if he should believe me that I used to take ballet, but I have pics to prove it 🙂


9. My husband’s allergic to cats and dogs so we don’t have any pets, but if I had to choose, I’d say I’m much more of a cat person. 

We tried to have a couple dogs growing up, but it never worked out.  We had our cat, Scotia (aka Scoey), however, until she died when I was in college.


1o. I have actually been inside of and eaten lunch at Club 33 at Disneyland!


If you’ve never heard of Club 33, it’s an exclusive, little-known, members-only club tucked away in the New Orleans section.  I got to go with my family for an event through my dad’s work.  As you can see from the above pic, we went when I was 8 or 9, so I don’t remember it very well, but I do remember it being pretty cool!

So, that’s 10 random things about me!  I’d love to hear something random about you, too!

Have you ever eaten anywhere exclusive?  Do you have an unexpected favorite dessert?  Or – what I’m secretly hoping for – do you have any tips about baking cakes?? 🙂





  1. Your ballet picture is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I also went to Club 33 when I was about the same age. The fine dining experience was lost on me sadly. Thanks for sharing!…I especially love the pics!!!

    • I think the candy cane on my head is what really makes it. 😉 lol!

      I’m sure the fine dining experience at Club 33 was lost on me, too. It was neat to get to go, though, although I hardly remember it at all! So, I guess that means the whole experience was lost on me??

  2. Tiffany Hayes says

    Tami, we’ve been friends for about 16 years now I think and there were things on this list I never knew!! Well, actually just the last couple things. I never knew you went to club 33. How could you keep that from me???? lol!! And I don’t remember knowing that you had a cat for that long. So neat to see all those adorable pics of you. Your parents really haven’t changed!!

    • So funny, Tiff! I’ll have to think if there’s anything else I’m keeping from you… Hmmm… lol! 😉

  3. Loved learning about you, Tami! So grateful that God brought you to Throne of Grace!

  4. Bonnie Jean says

    I am a chocolate lover too… and I love to bake cakes. I used to work for a bakery and here is a great tip. Use a good quality boxed mix. The ones that say moist or pudding in the mix are the best. I use a lot of Duncan Hines. Also King Arthur Flour makes some good cake, bread and muffin mixes. In most bakeries they do not make things from scratch (that was a huge surprise to me… they have a mix that they might add things to but it is a huge basic commercial mix that gets mixed in giant mixing bowls… (unless it is a very small bakery). The key thing is to do a few things differently. Use butter flavored Crisco if you can. If not the regular is fine. Butter cake is tastier than regular yellow cake. Instead of sifting flour over the Crisco… used powdered sugar… it melts right into the cake and makes it look better and taste better. Also, use just a touch more of the liquids required… like 1/16th of inch over the measuring line and maybe 1/8th for cooking oil… and always use extra large eggs. Let the cake cool completely before you frost it. I have made a dozen different recipes of Red Velvet Cake from scratch including Martha Stewart’s recipe… but the one I always always get the most compliments on is from a box of Duncan Hines. The other’s are drier and might be higher and lighter but the taste is so much better … so I hope that helps you. It has saved many of my friends from a lot of time and agony.

    I grew up in New Jersey… and everyone thinks I talk like I am from California and I have never been there or had any friends growing up from there… but everywhere I go that is what people say. I have no explanation for that.

    I love romantic comedies and a few “chick flicks” but my favorite movies are sports or historical/war time movies. I think I have seen “Remember the Titans” at least 50 times and I love all the music. My sons and I sing it in the car sometimes. I also love Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. I have them half memorized. Then there is another big favorite in my house… “Forrest Gump”. That is a little for the music, for the history, for the comedy and for the melancholy sadness that permeates the lives of those around Forrest and how his pure and simple love manages to save the day so to speak. I lived through all of the events in the movie that are history… and I had a life a lot like Jenny’s in many ways… so I guess I can relate to her. I think they took her wardrobe from my closet. I had so many of the things she wore it is unbelievable. And oh how I wished I could fly away from my troubles or had such a wonderful friend as Forrest Gump was.

    Thankfully I found Jesus… who filled all the holes in my soul.

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